Troop 6142 Information

The focus of our activities is to have the girls discover, connect, and take action, all while following the values of Girl Scouting.  The experience will help the girls learn to lead with courage, confidence, and character to make the world a better place. It is our desire as Brownie Leaders, to help our girls achieve these outcomes.   

Since all of the girls were in Brownies last year, everyone should already have their Brownie Girl Scout Vest.  Additional Brownie Girl Scout apparel is not required, but may be worn. 

We need dues for craft projects, Try-It badges and other patches earned by the girls, as well as for field trips.  Dues this year are set at $35.  Please make checks payable to Girl Scout Troop 6142.

Please have girls bring in $0.25 to each meeting to learn responsibility.  We will donate that money to a worthy cause.


If your daughter misses some part of a Try-It due to absence from a meeting, you are welcome to complete the requirements for the badge at home.  After this is done, and your daughter presents to us what she has done, she will be able to receive her Try-It.  This is not required, it is purely optional.

No Birthdays - We will not be celebrating individual girl’s birthdays at our meetings this year.  The girls have other opportunities to celebrate their birthdays at school and at home.  As the girls are getting older, not every girl is invited to every party, and we would like to avoid any hurt feelings by not making the birthdays a focus.

Planning - Throughout the year, we will be going on various field trips.  Some will not be during our regular meeting time. We understand that everyone has busy schedules.  Unfortunately we will not be able to plan our trips based on everyone’s individual schedules.  Hopefully your daughter can make it to as many field trips as possible.

Our regular troop meetings will generally take place every other Tuesday from 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM.  Be sure to check the Troop Calendar (on the left) because there are times when we add or skip a week due to other commitments.  Meetings will be held at Kellie’s residence.  Please try to have your girls to the meeting on time and picked up promptly.

If your daughter will not be attending a meeting due to a scheduled or unscheduled conflict, please let Kellie or Sylvia know so we will not be waiting for her.  We do not always know when a child was out of school, etc.

Pickup routine will be the same as last year.  Please pick your daughter up on time and wait outside.  When we see the parent, we will send the girl out to you.

Parent Involvement

We need the following volunteers in order to have a successful troop this year:

Stay and Help - Sign up to stay and help at meetings as an additional pair of hands and eyes.

Cookie Parent -   This is a parent who is willing to take charge of cookies sales for our troop.  This position is critical as we cannot do all of the activities planned without raising money by selling cookies.

Cookie Booth Helpers - These parents will help plan and manage a cookie booth.

QSP - This parent will take charge of the annual QSP magazine sale in the spring.

Drivers - We will be in need of several parents who are willing to drive and attend field trips with the troop this year. Some trips will be during our regularly scheduled meeting times.  Others will be in addition to our regular meetings.  Some trips may be sibling/family friendly, others will not.   We will let you know ahead of time for each trip.

Troop Calendar
Meetings, trips and events.

Rededication Ceremony

December 18, 2009

Cookie Sales Begin!

Meeting Cancelled due to SNOW

Meeting Cancelled due to SNOW

Court of Awards Ceremony

Bridging Work

Meeting Cancelled



Updates for our troop for 2010 - 2011 will be coming soon!