Troop 4738

Brownie Troop Details 2007 - 2008 (First Year)


The objective for our troop is to support the Girl Scout program and its’ goals, which are to enable each child to:

  1. Develop to their full potential.

  2. Relate to others with increasing understanding, skill, and respect.

  3. Develop a meaningful set of values to guide their actions and to provide for sound decision-making.

  4. Contribute to the improvement of society.


Our regular troop meetings will be meet twice per month, on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday, from 3 PM – 4:15 PM.  We will usually meet at Sylvia’s home:. There are a couple of meetings where we will meet at Kalie’s home. See the troop calendar for exact dates.

On the days we have a Brownie meeting, please send a note to school with your daughter to tell the teacher that your daughter will ride the bus home with Sarah. Please let us know if your child is sick or otherwise not able to attend a meeting so we know not to expect her off the bus that day.

We have a Brownie scout with severe peanut allergies, so we will provide the snack and drinks for the girls. Food & drinks will be served first, so that the girls are not starving during our meeting. We will give the girls enough time to get settled in, get a snack and use the bathroom. We expect the meeting to officially come to order by 3:15 PM.

Keep up to date with what's going on in our troop with our Brownie Blog  page.


We have an accordion file with a pocket for each girl. We will keep any papers or items to go home in their folder. We ask that you check your daughter’s folder at the end of each meeting for new information and upcoming events.

Dues & Budget

We’ve kept the dues the same as last year. Brownies activities are more involved and costly to support. Starting at the Brownie level, troops are allowed fundraise to support their activities. We will be selling Girl Scout cookies in the winter, and have the opportunity to sell Girl Scout calendars in the fall to quickly add some start-up funds. Since we haven’t sold cookies before, we don’t know exactly how much money we will earn, so the budget is an estimate. If we sell more cookies, then the girls can decide on a nicer reward, and if we sell less, then we’ll have less money to work with.


The following forms are needed this year.  You will get them at the Parent meeting.  You can also view and then print them by clicking on the form name. 


We recommend that girls in our troop have a Brownie Girl Scout Vest to wear and display their patches and badges. Additional Brownie Girl Scout apparel is not required, but may be worn by your daughter, if she desires. You may purchase a Brownie vest one of three ways:
   a. Leesburg Hobbies & Collectibles shop.
   b. Online at the Girl Scout Shop.
   c. The Girl Scout mail-order catalog.

In addition to the vest, please purchase the following items for the vest:
   1. Brownie Insignia Tab
   2. Troop Numerals #4, #7, #3, #8
   3. Brownie Council Identifications Set
   4. American Flag Patch



We need parent volunteers to help make this year a success:

  1. SHARE This is the Girl Scout council’s annual giving campaign. We can use a parent volunteer to coordinate the distribution and receipt of SHARE envelopes to the troop.

  2. COOKIE MOM – This position is critical. We cannot do the all of activities planned without raising money by selling cookies. Please consider volunteering to coordinate and manage our cookie sales.

  3. Drivers – We have two field trips planned this year (Feb. and March) that require transportation. We will need a parent or two to assist with driving the girls to these activities. Please complete the Troop Transportation form (B242) if it is possible for you to help drive our troop.


What's New This Year:

Girl Ownership – As the girls get older in girl scouting, they are expected to take on more responsibility of the troop and it’s direction.  Read more on Girl Ownership.

Court of Awards – Periodically, we will hold a special ceremony at the end of our regular meeting to recognize and award the Try-Its that have been earned. The Try-Its may take several meetings to complete and we want the girls to be proud of their accomplishments.

Brownie Bucks As an incentive for good behavior at meetings, the girls can earn “Brownie Bucks”. They will be rewarded at each meeting for displaying and modeling good scout behavior. As a reward, the girls will be able to use their Bucks to buy goodies at the troop’s Brownie Buck Shop. We will have a Brownie Buck Shop at each Court of Awards. Example items at the Buck shop may be gel pens, notepads, lip gloss, nail polish, and hair clips.

Try-It On Your Own The girls are welcome and encouraged to complete the requirements for Try-It badges outside of our girl scout meetings. Use the Try-It-On-Your-Own form to report the information back to us, and we will get the try-it badge for your daughter.