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June 9, 2009
We've completed another year of Girl Scouts.  Hard to believe how much the girls have grown in three years.  Here is a photo of our troop at our Daisy Investiture in 2006: 
Here is our troop 2009: 
We sure are going to miss being your leaders next year!  We're so glad that our Cookie Moms, Jan & Kelly, will be taking over as leaders starting next year!

We celebrated the end of Brownie year with an ice cream party!  The girls made incredible edible ice cream creations!  We did some pages for our scrapbooks, and the finished the meeting with our final Court of Awards. The girls were very excited to receive their Cookie incentives as well. 

For our third year, we've been recognized as an honor troop again.  Congrats to the girls for another fun and fabulous year!
March - May 2009
We've had a busy spring for sure. 
March April May
  • This month we went did some fun activities that the girls chose to do with some of their cookie money profits.  The first trip was to Eden Nail Salon.  so Glamorous!
  • The last meeting this month was the much anticipated, highly exciting Webkinz party at Justice!!  We stopped at Cici's pizza first for a pizza and dessert before the party.  The girls had a blast and a loved all the activities and they each got a new Himalayan Webkinz cat to take home.

For June, we will be having our year-end scrapbooking party meeting to wrap up the year!

February 17, 2009
Today's meeting got started at school with a snack and opening the package we received from Troop 344 located in Ohio.  As part of World Thinking Day this month, we have corresponded with a Girl Scout troop that is not local to us here in VA, so we can learn a little more about them and scouting in other areas.  The girls prepared Valentines for this troop at an earlier meeting.  Today, the girls received their Valentine package from Troop 344.  They were eager to read the cards and enjoy the treats.  They really enjoyed seeing the troop's group photo and matching names to faces. We will be corresponding with this troop again later this spring to exchange SWAPS.

Today's big activity was our ice skating field trip to the Ashburn Ice House.   As expected, the girls had a fantastic time.  It all seemed to end too soon when the skating session was over, and the Zamboni came out to clean the ice.  We tried to get lots of photos of the girls skating around, but some were harder to catch on camera than others.  :-)
We do not have a meeting next week (2/24).  Girl Scout cookie booths are coming up next.  The girls have done really great with their initial sale so far.  We're looking forward to selling at the booths again this year.
Our local food bank, Loudoun Interfaith Relief is in need of food donations.  Our girls will each donate one box of her favorite cereal at our next meeting.  We will also use some of our cookie money to purchase food to donate.
Click on the photo above or here to jump to our Photo Gallery for today's meeting.. 
February 10, 2009
Our meeting today was devoted to planning.  The girls decided what they wanted to work on for the rest of the year, and also what activity they wanted to do with the cookie money they earned. 
The girls voted for two try-its to work on for this spring.  One is the Try-It  Let's Pretend where the girls will explore how actresses prepare and practice their work. The other Try-It to work on this year is Puppets, Dolls & Plays. The girls will explore the art of creating dolls and puppets and putting on plays.
Other Brownie Work:
- The girls asked if they could decorate local shop windows in Leesburg. That sounds like fun, so we will see if we can do this for Spring or Easter decorations.
- We plan on doing another correspondence exchange in April with troop 344 from Ohio. We will make SWAPS to exchange with them!
- We have a field-trip planned to the Recycle Center this spring, and we will also participate in the clean-up program of Keep Leesburg Beautiful.

For a fun activity, the girls voted for a Webkinz party at Justice.  They also voted for going to a nail salon for a manicure. We will be donating a portion of our cookie money to charity as well.

There are a few photos in our Photo Gallery from today's meeting.
February 3, 2009
Today's meeting was a make-up for last week's snow that cancelled our regular meeting day.  We completed work on our Eat Right, Stay Healthily Try-It.  The first project the girls worked on was making their own healthy yogurt.  We started with plain yogurt, and added a bit of vanilla flavoring to it.  The girls then chose their own mix-ins including granola, chocolate chips, fresh strawberries, and a touch of Valentine sprinkles for fun.  They loved making their own concoctions and enjoyed their healthy snack.  We then discussed healthy foods and shopping for them at the grocery store.  The girls had shopping lists and marked which items they thought would be healthy to have.  The next time their parents go shopping, the girls will note which healthy items they purchased, and can bring back their lists to share with the troop.
For World Thinking Day, which is on February 22nd, the girls will be corresponding with another Brownie troop located in another region of the USA.  The girls made Valentine cards for Brownie Troop 344 located in Ohio.  They were very excited to create cards that will need to be mailed to girls in another state.  They are also looking forward to hearing back from that troop.
View the pictures from today's meeting in our Photo Gallery.
We have a meeting next week.  The girls will be deciding on the try-its and projects they would like to work on for the remainder of the year.
January 2009
The girls were so excited to come back to Brownies after our winter break!  They had lots to share about what they did over the holidays.  We introduced an horary troop member, Fiona.  She is a Groovy Girl that one of the girls received for Christmas.  The girls decided Fiona would be their "talker", and that had to hold Fiona in order to talk in the group circle, so everyone could hear.  They had lots of fun with that.
We spent our meeting working on the Eat Right, Stay Healthy Try-It.   We read about nutrition, and what ingredients make food more healthy or unhealthy.  We also looked at food labels and discussed the nutrition food labels and how to understand the information that is written on them.  Since there is a saying that "you are what you eat", the girls did an activity where they used magazine pictures to create a person out of good food choices.  Their "food people" came out very creative and fun looking.
The snow days postponed our second meeting this month.  We hope to make it up the first week in February.
December 2008
Our first meeting in December, was our Smart Cookie meeting.  We focused on our upcoming cookie sales that begin in January. The theme for this year's cookie sales is "Cookies 4 a Change".  The girls each read part of a story about Eco Ellie, an elephant that tries to make a difference in the world.  They also created their cookie portfolios, practiced making change for cookie sales, and role-played selling cookies to each other.  They are all set for the cookie sales to begin.  My camera ran out of battery juice during this meeting, so there are only a few photos for this one.
We had our Holiday Party and Court of Awards for the last meeting in December.  We enjoyed holiday treats, and then spent time making a couple of pages for our Girl Scout scrapbooks. We concluded that meeting with a Court of Awards ceremony. 
November 11, 2008
Instead of doing the canned food drive that we've done for the past couple of years during this Thanksgiving time, we decided to support Operation Christmas Child through Samaritan's Purse.  We had asked each Brownie to donate no more than $5 worth of items for needy children.  We decided to target our gifts for girls ages 5 to 9 years old.  We laid the items out and the girls took turns choosing items to fill each shoe box.  We had wrapped three shoe boxes to start, but when we were done, we had filled four boxes!  A big Thank You to the girls for their thoughtfulness and donations. 
The rest of the meeting was devoted to the GirlSports Try-It. The girls had fun trying different sports related activities.  We completed all the requirements for this Try-It at today's meeting.
We were having camera difficulities today - it was running out of battery juice and could not focus and take the pictures quick enough.  Apologies for the blurry sports pictures.  The girls were just moving too fast for the camera today.  :-)   Click on the photo to the left or here to view our photos from today.
October 28, 2008
Our meeting today was to complete our Make It, Eat It try-it badge today.  First though, we started our meeting my acknowledging Juliette Low's birthday.  We played the Juliette Low Kim's Game. This is a favorite game that the troop likes to play.  We also introduced big sister Sandy, who is a Junior Girl Scout.  She is working on her Junior Aide award, and will be working as an assistant at our troop meetings.   The girls got started by stretching and spreading their pizza dough in their pan.  There was flour everywhere, including their faces!   They topped their pizzas with sauce, cheese, and any other fresh toppings they wanted to make it their own creation.  While the pizzas baked, they made Fruit Fizz punch, with each girl taking a turn at adding the ingredients to make it taste just right.  The pizzas smelled and tasted delicious.  The girls got a pizza party patch for today's fun, and finally got to take home the aprons they made at the beginning of this try-it.  Click on the photo or here to view the photos from today. 
October 21, 2008
Today, we baked apples that we picked during our field trip.  The apples were peeled half-way, cored, then the girls stuffed them with raisins, added some apple juice, and sprinkled cinnamon on top.  They prepared and baked two dishes of apples.  We want to give Mrs. B. a BIG "Thank You" for saving our baked-apples recipe by supplying the forgotten marshmallows to top each apple! 

While the apples baked, the girls made some fall crafts.  They bedazzled a fall leaf ornament with rhinestones, and created a fall-critter friend magnet.

Click on the photo above or here to view the photos from today's meeting.
Next week, we will complete our Make It, Eat It Try-it by making and baking our own pizzas, along with making a fruit punch.  We will also recognize Juliette Low's birthday with some games and a story about our Girl Scout founder.
October 13, 2008

We've had a busy month getting started back with Brownies!  Our first Try-It is the Make-It, Eat It badge.  The girls decorated their own aprons for this badge.  They all look darling!  We also held our Rededication Ceremony at our September meeting.  Click here or on the photo to the right to view the images from September's meeting.

We've talked about a few of the changes this year, including $1 dues at each meeting.  A big change for the girls is that they will get to chose how they want to spend the latter half of our year.  We will give them suggestions, but they will need to discuss and vote and what direction they want to take their troop.  This will give more ownership and responsibility of the troop for the girls.

Today we had our field trip to Crooked Run Orchard to go apple picking.  This is for our continuing work on their Make It, Eat It Try-It.  The girls had lots of fun climbing the trees to get their perfect apple.  Each girl contributed a few apples to the troop, and got to take the rest home.  The troop apples will be used at our next meeting to make delicious treats.  Yum!  Click here or on the photo to the left to see the pictures from today's field trip.

Our meeting originally scheduled for Tuesday, October 14, will be delayed one week - we will meet on Tuesday, October 21st.  We will then meet again the following week on October 28th.