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Brownie Try-Its and Patches 2008-2009

We will be working on several try-its this year.  Some will take a few meetings to complete.  NOTE: This list may not be complete as the girls will be voting on how to complete the year, and it may include working on more Try-Its.  Stay tuned!!!

Along with working on our Try-It Badges, the Brownies can receive fun patches to remember the activities they've done.

Try-Its      Patches

Try-Its We Will Earn

Requirements for Make It, Eat It completed on 10/28/2008.  Try-it awarded 12/16/2008.
Make It, Eat It – We will have fun learning the although the most important reason to eat is because you need energy, food can also be a lot of fun to grow, prepare, and especially to eat.

Requirements for GirlSports completed on 11/11/2008.  Try-it awarded 12/16/2008.
 Girlsports – To play sports it is important to learn the basics. We start by learning how to throw, catch, kick, volley, and strike.

Requirements for Smart Cookie completed 12/9/2008.  Try-it awarded 12/16/2008.
Smart Cookie – We will create a Cookie Portfolio to keep our notes, charts and plans as we plan to our Girl Scout Cookie Adventure and practice making our sales pitch. We will discuss safety and how we will contact our customers, practice making change, and use role-playing to practice what to say to our customers.  The girls will decide where to donate some of the money they earn, and what reward or special activity they would like to use with their cookie money.

Requirements for Eat Right Stay Healthy completed 2/3/2009.
Eat Right, Stay Healthy – What we eat affects our health. We will try activities to learn more about good food.

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Patches We Can Get

Our Brownies will receive these fun patches for participating in our activities during the year.  Patches are to be placed on the back of the Brownie vest.

Apple Picking patch given on 10/13/2008.
Apple Picking – The girls will earn this patch for participating in our Apple Picking Field Trip as part of our Make It, Eat It Try-It experience.

Happy Holidays given on 12/16/2008.
Happy Holidays – We plan on having some Holiday House fun at our party in December.

Skating Bear
– The girls will LOVE this cute skating bear to remember our fun Ice Skating field trip this winter.

Pizza Party patch provided on 10/28/2008.
Pizza Party – The girls will get this patch at our pizza-making party as part of our Make-It, Eat-It Try-It.

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